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What is a Star Seed/ Starseed?

Starseeds are beings that have come to Earth to serve in the awakening of humankind. They are highly advanced souls that originate from alternate dimensions, star systems, planets, galaxies and planes of existence but have now made Earth their home. However, they aren't always aware that they are Starseeds, it takes an 'activation switch' to awaken them to their truth. 

These souls have an immense amount of wisdom that exists deep inside of their being that awaits to be ‘activated’. This ‘activation switch’ appears in many shapes and forms to awaken the Starseed to their mission, the truth of who they are, their origin and personal sense of existence. 

Appearing in physical form, just like other humans, they often experience a feeling of not belonging and/or being different. They feel like foreigners here on Earth and have a sense of longing for the stars or another home.

These souls have an imensable amount of wisdom that exists deep inside of their being . Each Starseed has their own 'activation switch' that will remove the amnesia they are originally born with as a human. When this activation takes place, it can appear in my forms of calmness to sudden intensity. They remember their purpose on earth and where they are from without needing explanation and know to realign with their mission.

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