- osho zen tarot -

This Osho Zen Tarot focuses on more than an understanding of the here and now. It is a system based on the wisdom of Zen, a wisdom that says events in the outer world simply reflects our own thoughts and feelings, even though we ourselves might be unclear about what those thoughts and feelings are.

- the secret teachings of plants -

Plants are intelligent. Like, highly intelligent! They speak their own language, live in community, make plans to expand and take over nations.  Plants can heal us and show us the way.

- the body ecology diet -

This woman is onto something… our food industries and unhealthy eating habits have gotten our bodies into a heap of troubles. Disease has increased dramatically, people are sad, depressed, overweight… This book explains how to get back on track by healing the ecosystem within.


Thyroid Healing is like nothing you have read or heard, and it will bring you true comprehension of the undiscovered inner mechanics of our thyroids for the first time ever.

- the 9 steps to financial freedom -

It's important for us to know all about our finances, how to manage and grow them. She speaks to every wo/man. For those of us who shy from financial reports, invoices, and statements, she is here to explain the basics in a way that we can understand and face our fears.

- The Botany of Desire  -

In The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan argues that the answer lies at the heart of the intimately reciprocal relationship between people and plants. In telling the stories of four familiar plant species that are deeply woven into the fabric of our lives, Pollan illustrates how they evolved to satisfy humankinds’s most basic yearnings

- the healing process -

Topics discussed in this book 1. Health problems, such as hay fever, migraine, sclerosis, cancer, tuberculosis, typhoid, and childhood diseases 2.The polarity between nerve and liver cells 3.The functions of the spleen and the gallbladder 4. The three basic processes of sensory-nervous system, rhythmic system, and metabolic-limb system 5. Regenerative and degenerative processes  6.The true nature of the nervous system 7.Plus many suggestions for the use of minerals, plants, and artistic therapies in healing. 

- the 4-hour workweek -

Forget the old concept of retirement and the rest of the deferred-life plan–there is no need to wait and every reason not to, especially in unpredictable economic times. Whether your dream is escaping the rat race, experiencing high-end world travel, or earning a monthly five-figure income with zero management, The 4-Hour Workweek is the blueprint. 

- red moon -

She tracks a woman cycle and teaches us the most efficient way of existing within each beautiful moment of it. This book isn't easy to find in the United States, I had to order it from the UK! 

- the 5 love languages - 

In the #1 New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages, you’ll discover the secret that has transformed millions of relationships worldwide. Whether your relationship is flourishing or failing, Dr. Gary Chapman’s proven approach to showing and receiving love will help you experience deeper and richer levels of intimacy with your partner—starting now.

- the keys of jeshua -

Jeshua's channeled words ring so true. In this book he continues to remind us of God's simple plan and truth.

- The RA Material -

Who are the ancient astronauts? Why did they first come to Earth? Why are they returning now? What part did they play in building the great monuments of antiquity? What part did they play in the formation of present and earlier civilizations? With what other beings do we share our universe? And where does the Earth fit into the cosmic scheme of things? Almost twenty years of experimental work with telepathy led to the "breakthrough" contact recorded in this book.

- keys to the kingdom - 

This book explains the amazing developmental stages of men, who they are what their needs are at each stage. Allison Armstrong teaches us the true intention of every man, how to speak his language and how to communicate your needs to him in a way he can understand. This book with make you fall in Love with all men. (warning: the writing isn’t the best, it’s the information that counts)

- you can be right or you can be married -

A good friend of mine Dana Shapiro wrote this book. He interviewed hundreds of divorced people, asking them what they would do differently now, what they learned, and the wisdom they have to impart. Makes a great wedding present! :)

- the hidden messages in the water - 

This is a big wow! Did you know that most of our drinking water, if put under a microscope, is fractionated?! It's original structures have been damaged by sooo many factors. Good news: water can restructure itself by playing classical music or even writing the words Love all over its jar. After reading this book I bought something called The Water Vitalizer Plus which restructures water to its original hexagonal shape for optimal cell absorption.

- The Untethered Soul - 

This book will transform your relationship with yourself and the world around you. You’ll discover what you can do to put an end to the habitual thoughts and emotions that limit your consciousness. By tapping into traditions of meditation and mindfulness, author and spiritual teacher Michael A. Singer shows how the development of consciousness can enable us all to dwell in the present moment and let go of painful thoughts and memories that keep us from achieving happiness and self-realization.

- healing oils and healing hands -

An extraordinary book that explains how prayer, hands-on healing and anointing with healing essential plant and flower oils work. This thorough approach covers the basics about healing oils from biblical history to modern-day hands-on healing techniques.

- gene keys -

Is our destiny written inside our very DNA? Richard Rudd suggests that humanity is on the verge of a major shift in consciousness rooted in a new understanding of how our genes operate. He introduces this fantastic possibility, showing how the “gene keys” are an inner language designed to transform our core beliefs about ourselves and raise us to a higher level of awareness. Gene Keys is an off shoot of Human Design.

- getting things done -

I am known for being extremely organized and systematic (correction: pre-my big 'Surrender to Flow' crash of 2017 inspired by the book The Surrender Experiment- by Michael A. Singer), this is the book that taught me tHE basics of my ways many years ago! A very clear and efficient way of organizing and systematizing your tasks, finances, mail... all of it!

- loving what is -

This practice has saved me countless times! She teaches how to see and feel the truth of our challenges, and offers us a clear and simple exercise to stop the hurt and take responsibility for our lives. There's also a wonderful app!

- mating in captivity - 

The truth about long term partnerships and how to keep things connected and sexy.

- plenty -

Plenty is a cookbook from a famous and very delicious UK restaurant called Ottolenghi. Delicious veggies as their finest!!!! 

- Handbook for the Recently Deceased -

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

- colorstrology -

Every day of the year is assigned a beautiful color and an unbelievably accurate breakdown. Meditating on, wearing or surrounding yourself with your color gives you great power!

- the four agreements -

This is a classic, basic, simple and sweet book of 4 critical teachings. Make no assumptions (ask questions instead!), always do you best, be impeccable with your word, and don’t take things personally. These agreements will expand the quality of your life in ways you can’t imagine.

- The Wild Wisdom of Weeds -

Guidebook for wild edibles for human survival and first aid kit. More than just a field guide to wild edibles, it is a global plan for human survival. 

- the plantpower way - 

A transformative family lifestyle guide on the power of plant-based eating—with 120 recipes—from world-renowned vegan ultra-distance athlete Rich Roll and his chef wife Julie Piatt

- the magdalen manuscript -

Mary Magdalen's direct words as channeled through the author. She gives very clear instructions on how to discover enlightenment through sacred sexual connection.

- handbook to higher consciousness -

WOW! This book!!!! Written many years ago, its techniques and step-by-step instructions to the way out of pain and suffering are invaluable. 

- Energy Anatomy -

Here is an opportunity to explore part of the healing equation overlooked by conventional medicine - the spirit's unlimited capacity for self-healing and divine connection. This enlightening recording teaches you to view your health through a spiritual-biological lens to see a new picture of how the human body heals.

- women's anatomy of arousal -

Women's Anatomy of Arousal includes discussions of anatomy and energetics, female ejaculation and expanded orgasm, and much more. It's packed with sidebars providing great tips to women and their lovers. There's even a short chapter for guys ("The Easy Girl's Guide to Making It Easy for Guys") summarizing the main points of the book! A must read of sexual females and their partners.

- The Artist's Way -

In it, Julia Cameron takes readers on an amazing twelve-week journey to discover the inextricable link between their spiritual and creative selves.

- the queen's code -

The Queen's Code creates a new ethic and approach for interacting with men in a way that honors both sexes. From eight distinct points-of-view, you'll get an intimate look inside the hearts and minds of both men and women as we struggle to understand ourselves and each other.
While the plot is not predictable, the outcome is: When you live by The Queen's Code, getting what you need from men will become easier as your relationships become more fun and passionate.

the chakra handbook - 

A very good and basic book about our 7 amazing energy centers and how to best work with each!

- the 4 hour body - 

The 4-Hour Body is the result of an obsessive quest, spanning more than a decade, to hack the human body. It contains the collective wisdom of hundreds of elite athletes, dozens of MDs, and thousands of hours of jaw-dropping personal experimentation. God bless Timothy Ferris for his hacking research. Big fan!

- the life you were born to live -

Hands-down, the most incredible, eerie and accurate numerology book I’ve ever come across.

- a brief history of time -

A Brief History of Time plunges into the exotic realms of black holes and quarks, of antimatter and “arrows of time,” of the Big Bang and a bigger God—where the possibilities are wondrous and unexpected. With exciting images and profound imagination, Stephen Hawking brings us closer to the ultimate secrets at the very heart of creation.

- star signs - 

The Secret Codes of the Universe - This is a perfect intro to all that is magical. Linda Goodman teaches you the basics in everything you need to know to start down your path. Colors, health, numerology, it’s all in here in one place and written with a lot of humor (humor being the key to everything)!

- soul mastery -

Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul gives you direct contact with your Soul Family and its heritage. This very real and practical knowledge opens your heart to your deepest nature and purpose. Experience a sacred reunion with your Soul, and a positive, profound, and joyful knowing of your true essence and gifts. Truly understand yourself and others from the viewpoint of Soul heritage. Discover the majesty of your Soul and be filled with joy at what you see!

- the big leap -

Gay Hendricks demonstrates how to go beyond your internal limits, release outdated fears and learn a whole new set of powerful skills and habits to liberate your authentic greatness. Discover the way to break down the walls to a better, more fulfilled life. 

-spirit babies -

An intuitive sessions with parents and their unborn children. Short stories that explain why a child may not have been born yet and what they require in order to be ready to come through. Could be anything from their parent’s living conditions, to knowing that their parents are anticipating another gender, etc. A really sweet and great gift for those trying to get pregnant or expecting!

- the twelve conditions of a miracle -

twelve practical methods for living a life of meaning and miracles. I thought I understood the fundamentals of manifesting, however, this book expanded my understanding wider than I could have imagined. Using the bible (fret not, it's truly not about converting you) to explain the basic laws of service. Beautiful!

- the creative habit -

Tharp leads you through the painful first steps of scratching for ideas, finding the spine of your work, and getting out of ruts and into productive grooves. The wide-open realm of possibilities can be energizing, and Twyla Tharp explains how to take a deep breath and begin...

- gooberz -

This is a very long, magical poem about life, Love and the pursuit of happiness. The last few hundred pages are very magical breakdown  ofthe meaning of life. Out of print, hard to find, click above to be taken to a used book section on Amazon.

- Tribes -

Naturally, as humans we are all looking for our tribe. This book teaches you how to source and be the leader for your tribe. You are needed! Be the example.

- the emotion code -

Learn how emotionally-charged events from your past can still be haunting you in the form of "trapped emotions"; emotional energies that literally inhabit your body.

- endgame -

This is an important fictional novel which speaks to a possible future should we not accept the call to transformation and pull ourselves together in time!

- the rainbow book -

Everything a rainbow-lover could ever dream to know about Nature's magical phenomena! The history, the science, the meaning... everything!🌈😍

- grow your own drugs -

The title is self explanatory. Stay away from everything inside a drug store and instead opt for healing yourself naturally. Did you know that nearly all prescription drugs mimic Nature? Why not go straight to the source, in your very own backyard?

- the power of now -

This book explains ‘the now’ in a way that we can all understand. Living in the present moment is one of the most important lessons in this dimension. Developing a good relationship with time and the now can be a turning point in your development.

- the microbiome diet -

Our intestinal microbiome is hugely important to our health, weight and even our mood. Our guts are a very complex brain that process and store emotion. So much has become imbalanced by antibiotics and our food choices. This book will teach you how to rebalance it all.

- skinny legs and all -

Tom Robbins is hands down, my favorite author. I cherish each and every book of his and historically only allowed myself one a year so as not to gobble them all up. Someone said it best when they called him ‘a verbal breakdancer’. Quirky, out there, incredible smart and entertaining.


Experience the next level of medical revelations. Packed with information you won’t find anywhere else about the Unforgiving Four—the threats responsible for the rise of illness—and the miraculous power of food to heal, this book gives you the ability to become your own health expert, so you can protect yourself, friends, family, and loved ones from symptoms, suffering, and disease. Unleash the hidden powers of fruits and vegetables and transform your life in the process.

- The Plant Paradox -

With a full list of lectin-containing foods and simple substitutes for each, a step-by-step detox and eating plan, and delicious lectin-free recipes, The Plant Paradox illuminates the hidden dangers lurking in your salad bowl—and shows you how to eat whole foods in a whole new way.

- i remember union -

From the Preface: “Mary was not a harlot, powerless, following Christ. She was a woman of extraordinary vision and power, facing her fears with immense courage and determination. Setting aside personal feelings and desires, she dedicated her life to upholding God and the greater design she had pledged to serve, regardless of the obstacles she encountered…. She is a noble, beautiful, nurturing woman who will take you in her arms and call from you the memory and truth of who you are.” Read her story and Remember the Design for Peace in Your Heart!

- what color is your diet? -

The color pigments in our foods contain specific vitamins and minerals to nourish and heal. This book helps you understand the mission of each. Eat your rainbows!

- you can heal your life -

This is a very basic book written by a very important woman. 101 on how to lead a healthy, spiritual life. The gold is in the table that Hay created: a list of hundreds of ailments, their root causes and the affirmation to correct the imbalance. I refer to this table regularly.

- understanding women - 

If I had three wishes, one would be that all women and all men would listen to both this and ‘The Amazing Development of Men’ Audible seminars. Alison Armstrong is a brilliant connector of us both, explaining each other’s needs, languages and motivations.

-the hidden language codes-

Very important book about the way to use your words! The author was shot three times and clinically dead. He survived and suddenly had a genius understanding of the English language. He teaches you how to use words that are empowering and help to create the world you are longing for. Must-must-must-read for all English-speakers!!!

- no more secrets no more lies -

Although this book IS for everyone, it may also NOT be for everyone! It's a version of the truth that you may or may not be ready to hear. For those who are called to it, it is an important, although slightly-outdated guidebook for Light workers. It explains the history of our planet, and how to activate your mission here.

- the complete conversations with god -

An Uncommon Dialogue - This trilogy began my spiritual journey at 17 years old. I was searching for answers, read every religious book I could find; this is the one that resonated most deeply and set the tone for my entire life. Great place to begin or to be reminded of the truth.

- Afformations-

Inside this book you'll discover...4 simple steps to reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible; the 5-word phrase that will attract your desires on complete autopilot; the 10 words that will help you lose 10 pounds—and keep it off and how to think like a millionaire in less than 5 minutes a day 

- the integral vision - 

Using all the known systems and models of human growth—from the ancient sages to the latest breakthroughs in cognitive science—it distills their major components into five simple elements, and, moreover, ones that readers can verify in their own experience right now.


One of the books that altered the course of my life forever. The author takes your through the nearly unbelievable journey of his life and thereby teaching you the principle to adopt flow and surrender into your life. I have bought over 60 copies of this book for my Loved ones. Highly recommended!


Reveals the root causes of diseases and conditions that medical communities either misunderstand or struggle to understand at all. It explores all-natural solutions for dozens of the illnesses that plague us, including Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal imbalances, Hashimoto’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, neurological conditions, chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease, blood-sugar imbalances, colitis and other digestive disorders, and more.

- the amazing development of men -

Making sense of men's evolution... The stages of development describe the lifelong process by which a man's sense of self evolves. Predictable and unavoidable, these stages determine what men live for and what they can't live without. Understanding the differences between knights, princes, and kings is critical for success in romantic relationships, raising sons, and working effectively with men.

- gjelina -

Gjelina is Los Angeles's most talked-about restaurant (and one of my personal favorites), lauded by critics from around the world for its seductive simplicity and eclectic Cal-Med menu from talented chef Travis Lett. This standout cookbook features 125 of the rustic and utterly delicious salads, toasts, pizzas, vegetable and grain dishes, pastas, fish and meat mains, and desserts.

- cleaning up -

Cleaning Up!’s easy methods eliminate the huge stores of toxic waste that the average person unknowingly carries around. These methods wipe out candida overgrowth—a hidden problem that affects close to 90 percent of the population. Candida overgrowth alone is said to be the underlying cause of hundreds of different health conditions—abundant internal toxicity is easily at the root of hundreds more! (Words of advice, don't allow the first chapter to turn you off!)

- radical remission -

IMPORTANT BOOK!!! A counselor for cancer patients goes on a quest to find out how and why thousands of people have experienced miraculous radical remissions from cancer, and finds 9 common denominators between them all. 

- the better baby book -

Whether you're planning for pregnancy or are already pregnant, this essential prenatal guide draws on the latest genetic research to give you a complete program of specific nutrition and environmental lifestyle changes that can help you have a better baby. The book is based on the emerging science of epigenetics and shows how the environment interacts with your genes, affecting which genes are expressed or ""turned on"". It shows you the important steps you can take to improve preconception nutrition and reduce toxins in your home and body to consciously help your child be healthy, smart, and strong.

- the war of art -

Creativity as a gift, but with it often come blocks and doubts. There are forces in the world that don’t want us to create. Luckily, there is a force that does, and it is MUCH stronger! Must-read for artists of every kind!


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