The 'Moonstone Saturnino' Necklace
The 'Moonstone Saturnino' Necklace
The 'Moonstone Saturnino' Necklace

The 'Moonstone Saturnino' Necklace

Mission: Saturn turns dreams into reality, manifests projects, and returns you to the best version of yourself. Trust its mysterious process and allow it to perform its cosmical job!

Saturn carries the energy of the Father, the Master, and the Manifestor. It can feel edgy, constricting and challenging at times as it aligns you on the track to remember, embrace and embody the higher purpose you’ve come to fulfill.

Be warned: carrying Saturnino is not just about wearing pretty jewelry. It will reveal the work you need to do, which can be more or less pleasant, depending on how gracefully you allow the process to flow.

Always in your highest good, and for the benefit of all.

About The Stone: The Moonstone, works with the 7th chakra the Crown, and connects us to Divine Inspiration to channel it into our own intuition. Moonstone encourages introspection and judgment, yielding to easier decision making. Moonstone also enhances one's emotional vision, bringing greater creative abilities, increased synchronicities, and freedom of expression.

Care instructions: Clean your Saturnino with coconut oil on a cotton pad if starting to look dark. 


Size Charm: 2 x 3 cm.

Charm Material: Brass/silver

Himalayan Stones: Moonstone.

Chain Size: 59 cm.

Chain Material: Brass/silver 

Ships: Within 3 business days