The Opal New Moon Earring

The Opal New Moon Earring

  • Mission: The new moon is a time to clarify and request what it is we desire to experience next. Manifesting must be done with the help of Spirit and our guides. It is also important that our wishes serve others, and optimally 'the highest benefit of all'. Aqua was chosen as a creative, balancing and patient color to assist your process.
  • Activation: Hayley Starr programs each charm with its unique intention using her Spectrum Healing technique. This blessing is amplified when you recite the following afformation: “Why do I easily manifest my dreams in the highest good of all?”
  • Instructions: Opal earring was designed to be worn daily and needn’t be taken off. You can shower, exercise, and even swim in one. It will energize your intention when exposed to Light, and continue to work its magic while you dream.
  • Care: Cleanse weekly in salt water to remove negatively-charged energetic residue. Re-activate by placing your hands over the earring, saying “Love, Light & Truth” 3 times, then recite the above activation words specific to your opal.



Charm Size: 10mm

Charm Material: Earth-friendly opal

Hoop Material: 18k gold-plated

Shipping: Ships within 3 business days