- Green tea cigarettes -

I recommend these when you’re trying to be good and quit! No tobacco, no nicotine! Just Green Tea herbal cigarettes.

- Wireless Mouse -

Pretty Pink Wireless Mouse


Magnets are a deceivingly powerful tool for healing. Places on painful areas, the metal works to break up and dissolve energetic stagnancy. You can also move stagnant energy out of the body by way The Governing Meridian using a simple magnet.

- Mobile Wellness Scanner -

A wellness and health tool! Whether your goal is to improve the wellness of yourself or others, or if you’re interested in building your business, the iTOVi Scanner is here to help by providing a personalized report of oils and supplements for you and your clients.

- Decomposition Books  -

Animal Spirit Notebooks! 

- Loka Blends -

Loka Blends is an organic additive free herbal smoking blend. They can be enjoyed on their own, as a ceremonial smoke, with other herbs and tobacco, or in a tea.

- the zapper -

 Handheld device designed to kill harmful parasites. 

- Colorful sticky notes -

Another way to leave yourself beautiful reminders! 

 - Yoga Towel - 

Look at these beauties! Not your normal yoga mat.

- the pandorastr -

Through closed eyelids, users experience a “visible” frequency entrainment of kaleidoscopic patterns of colours and psychedelic imagery, which provides an immersive environment for deep level brainwave entrainment.

- chinese foot pads - 

You stick these pads to the bottom of your feet and  later they’re dark and filled with toxins that drained from your body!


- meditation pyramid - 

Use it for meditation and healing! Helps increase higher mental balance as all the head centers are directly related to the 7 major chakras in the body.

- positive purple plate -

The puruple plates are in tune with the basic energy of the Universe. They function as transceivers of the Earth's para-magnetic force ... creating a field of energy that penetrates any material substance. This life-force energy is chakra balancing and very beneficial to all life... plant, animal, or human. They’re Tesla’s technology and were created more than 30 years ago.

- Moon Lamp -

The moon light perfectly reproduce luna surface, looks just like a true moon in your room.

-the vitalizer plus-

The Water Vitalizer Plus creates correctly structured, hexagonal water and uses the same principles Nature uses – far infrared energy, magnetic fields, vortexes and turbulence – to create an oxygen-rich, alkaline, energized and uniquely structured Hexagonal Water which has been associated with: * greater energy * rapid hydration * heightened immune function * better nutrient absorption * longevity * weight loss * greater metabolic efficiency. Read more by clicking button above. 

- 5 Elements Water Bottle -

Alkaline and oxygen content increases with VitaJuwel gem pods. Tests showed that in just 7-10 minutes drinking water reaches a quality level otherwise only found in natural spring water.


- red light therapy -

Direct red light for easy, fast, safe & painless therapy: Just shine the Light for 1 minute Directly at the Joint or Muscle. Take control of your aches and pains with science based red light therapy bio-stimulation.

- Hand & Foot Treatment Kit -

By stimulating the hands and feet, this easy-to-learn treatment can help reduce these common painful symptoms in just minutes a day: hand, foot, back, and neck pain, plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuromas, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, even headaches, gut issues, and insomnia! These quick self-treatments can be done anywhere – home, work, or travel.

- Archeer Max Trampoline -

The benefits of rebounding on a mini trampoline are many. The main reason to jump on one at least 10 minutes a day is for your lymphatic system. Jumping with this kind level of impact cleanses your lymph, and increases immune system function. The only other natural way to do this is running. It also helps improve your balance, strengthens cells and improves cardiovascular development.

-72 Hour Survival Backpack-

Curated by survival experts, The Seventy2 Survival System contains 35 top quality tools and instructions you need to survive in a hurricane, earthquake, or any emergency situation.


- body brush -

Stimulates your circulation to help renew your cells and produce more collagen!

- Space Sticky Notes -

The Planets sticky notes for all your most important affirmation reminders! 

- Kasbah Mediation Cushion -

The Kasbah Meditation Cushion is the deluxe Zafu for you to zen out on, or a great stool to sit around your awesome home, drinking mint tea. There's no reason transcending should be uncomfortable. It's the ultimate extra-large meditation cushion. 

- chi vitalizer machine -

Lay flat and put your ankles in the grooves. The machine sways in an infinity symbol, aligning your back, chakras and energy flow. After the recommended 15 minutes, you feel aligned and energized!


- full body vibration plate - 

Reduces your recovery time after exercise, strengthens muscles and bones. Will help improve mental acuity, flexibility and stimulates microcirculation including lymphatic fluid.

- JUUL -

JUUL was created to be a satisfying alternative to cigarettes.

- TruTester Pro -

Use this device to do self muscle-testing!


- Chakra Gemstone Set - 

The Dodecahedron represents the aspects of the Universe (Divine Creation) and is connected with the higher chakras (6th, 7th and above), which hold the energies of meditation, awareness, awakening, higher consciousness and Spiritual Ascension. The shape of the Dodecahedron is linked to the Higher Self/Divine/All-That-Is and is a perfect tool to use in meditation (or in the bath) for connection and energy.

- Mini Glass Blunt -

Use for tobacco or cannabis! Perfect for those who like to roll, easy clean and its beautiful!

- Neti Pot - 

Helps remove nasal allergies and dryness! 

- EMF Laptop Plate -

Protection for your body from toxic EMF radiation via Bluetooth, wifi, and heat from your laptop! 


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