- 'Carlton'- 1981 Book Case -

The Carlton book case and room divider, a funky and beautiful piece for the home.

- 3d Butterfly stickers-

Wall stickers, perfect to put up anywhere! So very super beautiful and colorful

- Rainbow Alpaca Blanket -

Cozy up with this beautiful rainbow alpaca wool blend blanket made in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  Specially commissioned from a family in Peru, this one of a kind design will bring you the magic of rainbows.

- copper bottle - 

Copper that purposely leeches into your water has so many health benefits. It’s antimicrobial, a brain stimulator, anti-inflammatory, and even slows down the aging process.

- Healing Stone Geode -

The specimen chunk creates a force field to strengthen one's aura while protecting the energies from being sapped by others. This also works towards revealing patterns that has led one to an undesirable emotional state, thereby facilitating healing/meditation of his or her subconscious.

- Rainbow Striped Comforter -

This is epic! Pretty pastel rainbow comforter! 

- Dyson Ball Vacuum -

Self adjusting cleaner head, seals in suction across carpets and hard floors! Has a filtration that ensures allergens and bacteria are trapped inside the machine. 

- Manto Teapot -

A really pretty teapot.

- Combination Lock Box -

A cute box to lock away things that need safekeeping.

- 3D Star Decor Kit - 

Hang this for a party or anytime in the house, on a window, ceiling etc!

- Constellation Matches -

Standard matches with a pretty decorated box of constellations.


- Cuisinart Slow Cooker -

Love how hands-off a slow cooker is! Put your ingredients in in the morning, come home at the end of the day to a cooked meal. I mainly use it to slow cook broths on low heat, so as not to cook the vital nutrients out. 

- Water Filter System -

Incredible water filtration system. Sure, it’s expensive, but not in the long-run. The filters only need to be changed about once a year. It takes everything out, even fluoride! (make sure you purchase the one WITH these white fluoride filters) 

- Vitamix 5300 Blender -

A professional grade, self cleaning blender! Has an easy speed control and can be changed at any point during the blend. Handles tough ingredients and has many pulse features. There's no better blender on the market as far as I'm concerned! Incredible customer service throughout warantee!

- all purpose bottle -

Important to use natural cleaning products for many reasons. One, the standard chemicals used in most cleaning products is not good for your health, and two, heavy duty cleaners and bleaches literally kill microcosmic worlds (think microcosm). Important not to kill, better cleanse and relocate dirt.

- Bicycle Playing Cards -

I love playing cards and I love the rainbow.

- Rainbow wall Coatrack -

Mount this colorful coatrack to the wall to hang jackets and clothing!

 - Rainbow Doormat -

Leave your shoes on the rainbow

- Bee Hive House -

The Original Flow Hive was developed out of the desire to help Bee Keepers easily extract honey from hives without harming bees. You can do this yourself!

- The StarChild Tarot -

This is a beautiful, ethereal deck. Very feminine, the graphics are truly incredible and inspire me greatly!

- Rainbow Pouf - 

Can be used as a seat for kids, as an extension for your sofa or as a statement accessory in your living room! 

- Carina Nebula Space -

This duvet cover is printed on a super-soft polyester blend. The Carina Nebula galaxy is printed on both sides!

- Rockano Humidifier -

Both an ultrasonic Humidifier AND Aromatherapy Diffuser. Cool mist adds moisture to the air and gives any room a spa-like ambiance! Also great for the evening as a night light. The misting last for about 5-10 hours!


- Hanging Solar System -

This Perfect comprehensible human scale is both a scientific and decorative model of our planetary system. Turn your room into a planetarium with this educational mobile; hanging solar system. The Beautiful 3D mobile planets challenge a child's mind about the size and scope of the universe while they gaze at it.

- 10 Cup Pitcher -

Comes with a free water quality meter. Removes 99.6% of all dissolved solids. NSF certified to reduce lead and other heavy metals 

 -Virgin Mary Statue-

Perfect for your garden or to have in the house. Made from crushed marble. 

- Levoit LV - H132 Purifier -

Ideal for springtime and allergy season; helps get rid of common allergy triggers including dust mites, pollen, mold, pet dander, as well as other small particles and pollutants. 

- Heated Nightlight Toliet -

This toliet seat will warm up the buttocks! With its own LED light to avoid putting on the bathroom light.

- Electric Tea Kettle -

Water is a serious issue! Is it clean and if you heat it up, will the material leech? These are the questions we must ask ourselves. This teapot is ceramic and therefor healthy and safe to heat. It’s also beautiful and looks lovely on a counter.

- Acrylic Chalk Paint-

This paint is matte and can be used on wall or furniture!  THEN you can draw on it with chalk

- The Present Clock -

No matter where you are in the world, its single hand always points to the present day, evoking the concept that time is both a singular and shared experience.

-Set of 5 Bamboo Utensils-

Pretty cooking utensils for the kitchen!

- Nest 9 Nesting Bowls -

Beautiful plastic rainbow colored bowls!

- Pink Blue Wall Clock -

Keep track of time with this unique wall clock that has your favorite art! made of a smooth compressed wood, this clock measures 12 inches across, and comes with all the hardware already installed!

- 11:11 Rainbow Notebook -

I love this company’s journal designs. Each so fantastical, meaningful and beautiful!

Gem Coffee Table Rose Gold

- Gem Coffee Table -

Low profile coffee table in seamless finished Rose Gold.

- Galaxy Bulbs -

Take a bit of the universe with you!
These bulbs are custom-made, so care is put into each and every bulb to ensure that it shines bright like the galaxies.

- Book Shelf -

Contemporary Beige and Aqua Lacquer Bookshelf, Memphis Postdesign Gallery Milan. I'll need this in my home one day.

- Shallow Heart Oven -

La Creuset makes beautiful enamel cast iron cookware. They can be used on stovetop or in the oven and are dishwasher safe.

- Blue Tube Headset -

Effectively reduces your exposure to EMFs - hands free - superior acoustic quality.

-hexagonal water maker-  

This machine restructures water to it's most perfect state, like that which is found naturally in snow water. This Hexagonal Water forms a liquid crystalline lattice that is involved in cellular communication, intracellular water movement, enzyme function and many other metabolic processes. The amount of Hexagonal Water in the body has been correlated with aging. This unique water structure is capable of rapid penetration within the cells of the body.

-LED WOODEN Digital Clock-

This digital desk clock is also a thermometer, timer and calendar!

 SpaRoom MobyMist Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser For Kids, 80mL

- Moby Mist Ultrasonic -

Humidity is important, it keeps things flowing lubricated. This is a sweet little animal to keep a child company while also keeping them healthy!

- Mophie Charger -

A backup charger is essential when you’re on the go! Gives you a full second charge!


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