It is said that when you finally discover your Life’s calling, you’ll look back on your childhood and see that your younger self—the little you—understood your mission all along. In my case, I was born feeling like I had all the answers—because I did (children know all). I played with ghosts, was fascinated by rainbows, dreamt of Atlantis and believed that nothing was inanimate (I still believe). My incredible mother was just out-there enough to allow my imagination to soar. 

My path to consciousness began at 17 when I had the pleasure of meeting my Highest Self (Hayley Starr) during a five-hour meditation. I began creating art to mirror what I saw in my visions. I Love to express myself through clothing and had a successful collection for 15 years, intended to help other women do the same. I opened two collaborative installation spaces, the latest being The Quest in Venice, to expand the consciousness of my community.

In January of 2017, an activation occurred that drastically altered my reality: While raving in Tulum, I read two books (The Surrender Experiment and The Big Leap) and began deeply questioning my Life. With a new understanding around the concept of flow, I realized that while intrinsic to my development, these businesses were not my ultimate “Zone Of Genius.” Mustering courage, I released them all and awaited direction. 

By September, I was receiving downloads, connecting dots and creating an elaborate system called, “The Path”. This technology platform, now in development, helps us find our most optimal Life paths. The Spectrum—the modality I currently practice and will soon begin teaching—is the precursor to The Path. It is the culmination of 38 years of explorations into countless healing modalities, techniques, and magical hacks. At its core, the system is created to deprogram the societal inputs and activate people to their fullest potential.

I am grateful to everyone and everything that has led me here and recommend many of these guides and experiences in Thingsthatchangemylife.com. I Love to Write and share my Life studies and adventures. Everything I do is in service of helping us remember who we truly are, where we come from and what our specific missions are at this pivotal moment in time.

I currently live nomadically with my two baby wolves, Ziela Bear and Kiki Boots.