A Starseed is someone who walks the Earth disguised as human, but whose soul originates from another star systems and galaxy. They are here to bring advanced knowledge and wisdom to help humanity. Many are among us and they don’t even know it, for Starseeds must be activated to their mission.

Our company seeks to activate the Starseed in everyone. When creating new products, we ask ourselves: what would a Starseed need to care for their bodies while here? Do they require special clothing to protect their light? What kind of books might they read to their children?

We search the world for what is needed, what works, then we add vibrant color and happiness to each design. All products are programmed with a special mission using The Spectrum technique. Magic is infused into everything we do, and can be felt by its keeper.

Hayley Starr founded the company in 2002 — she is an artist, writer, and spiritual teacher among other things. Most importantly, she is an avid explorer and student of Life. 

In Love, Light, Truth and Abundance,

The Star Team



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Art by Hayley Starr