Photo by Genevieve Kim 


A Collection For Lightworkers

The Collection was born and made in Mexico, a country deeply rooted in magic and mysticism. The construction, design and colorful fabrics are all inspired by Mexican tradition.

These protective capes and skirts as deceivingly powerful armor — while playful and attention-commanding to the outside world— when cocooned within, your personal powers are grounded and protected.

The capes contain your energy. The skirts ground your energy.

When the cape and skirts are worn together, your Light is shielded and protected from the world’s darkness.  Each piece is energetically programmed using The Spectrum Technique with codes of instruction to empower its owner when shielding is needed.

The Rainbow Warrior Collection

Artists Hayley and Diana are deeply inspired by the Native American Rainbow Warrior Prophecy, which long ago foretold of a dark time on this planet when people of all colors, races, and creeds would come together in Love to heal the Earth and her children.

While both stationed in Mexico- a deeply mystical, inspiring and colorful culture - the artists were drawn to collaborate on a collection that would protect and empower the Lightworkers of the world.

Diana had long since designed a cape that Hayley coveted. Together they added a skirt to match, based on traditional Mexican construction. Next, they sourced beautiful, classic rainbow striped fabric synonymous with Mexico’s vibrant culture.

All pieces are made to order, and ship from Mexico in 6 weeks.

About Diana and Hayley

Diana Garcia and Hayley Starr share much in common: a Love for rainbows, magic, animals, Earth, Humanity, self-exploration, empowerment, and the birthdate: January 16th.

The two women are compliments, artistically and personally: Diana is deeply comfortable in the richness of the dark, she shows us the beauty in death. Her temperament is calm and rooted to Earth. Hayley’s creations transmute darkness into Light, translating pain and confusion into pastels. Energetically, she runs high, otherworldly energy.

The friendship and creative output results are balance and harmony.