The Quest Venice originally opened in 2014, and took some time off to learn and grow. Starting in November of this year, it will resume its mission to gather the community in the name of advancement.

This time, The Quest has one goal: to teach you the tools to heal yourself, your families, and friends. It is no longer enough to support one’s practice with a weekly class, it’s time for everyone to take their rightful place as a self-reliant and empowered human... being.

Owner Hayley Starr will invite her most influential teachers and healers to share their information and secrets. Through the end of the year, Starr will teach The Path, a technique she’s been developing to instruct you in how to uncover your most efficient path to enlightenment.

If you are a teacher and would like to submit, please fill out this Google Form.

The space is also available to rent for celebrations, events, workshops, and more. Please visit our rental site for more details, and contact to book.