- Cosmos Drops -

Enhances lucid dreaming and self-awareness. One dropper before bed draws you into deep restful sleep while tuning into intuitive wisdom. Taken during the day, inspires creativity and awareness.

- Root Chakra Oil -

This oil keeps you secure, present, grounded, full of abundance. Use it for your adrenals and kidneys.

- Solar Plexus Chakra OiL -

This oil has qualities of feeling, pleasure, emotion, awareness, dopamine, excitement. Helps with intestines. 

- Throat Chakra Oil -

This oil has qualities that will help you use your voice, be creative, use your communication and manifestation. It assist in the thyroid gland, hormonal imbalance, weight gain and loss. 

- Lun Drops -

Brings relaxed energy to the evening. Just one dropper at the end of the day offers a deep sense of serenity and healing while opening up spiritually.

- Sacral Chakra Oil -

This oil keeps you creative, aroused. Very sensual and helps with the ovaries, hormones, intestines, colon and bladder. 

- Heart Chakra Oil -

This oil has qualities of confidence, self-awareness, unstressed, digestion and peaceful. Helps with the gall bladder, stomach and immune system.

- Mind Chakra Oil -

This oil has qualities that help you use your mind, focus, wisdom and vision. It assists in healing the pituitary gland and brain function. 

- Sol Drops - 

Brings positive energy to the day. Just one dropper in the morning provides clarity, connectedness and calm with an energy boost for physical and emotional balance.

- Spleen Chakra Oil -

This oil keeps you secure, enhances intuition, and highlands instincts. Helps with the immune system, courage and spleen. 

- Identity Chakra Oil -

This oil has qualities of gratitude, direction, innocence, destiny and acceptance. Helps with Lungs and thymus gland. 

- Head ChakrA Oil -

This oil has qualities that help your spirit, dreams, inspiration, higher- self and awareness.  Use this for your pineal gland. 

- Oil of Copper -

Associated with the Heart Chakra. The Oil of Copper works on matters of the heart such as: heart palpitations, high or low blood pressure, And chest pains.

- Oil of Mercury-

Associated with the planetary energies of Mercury as well as the Throat Chakra. Physically the Oil of Mercury works on the thyroid Gland, upper respiratory system, inner ear, and sinuses.

- Monq Essential Oil Inhaler-

Simple. No mixing, no mess, no stress. Superior. Traditional room diffusers cause over-stimulation. Exhale through the nose to avoid sensory adaptation and experience life-enhancing effects every time you use it.Safe. No tobacco, nicotine, artificial ingredients, GMOs, gluten, diacetyl, or propylene glycol. Not tested on animals. Scientific. Highest quality essential oils from reputable farms, blended by scientists and aromatherapy expert


- Lux Amare PMS/Hormones -

This oil blend is indispensable to  me during times of PMS. I both diffuse it and apply the oil directly to my lower abdomen and lymphatic points. (add whatever they say on the site to this, please)


- Valor Oil -

Valor is great for massages, in addition to other topical and aromatic uses. Use it to greet each morning with a positive attitude or to unwind at the end of the day. Its powerful yet calming scent is versatile enough that you can integrate it into your morning and bedtime routines and anywhere in between.

- doTerra On Guard - 

Supports healthy immune function, respiratory function. It will support the body's natural antioxidant defenses with energizing and uplifting aromas.

- doterra Breathe -

Can be used for a clearing, refreshing aroma Apply topically to the chest and breathe deeply to enjoy a cooling, invigorating vapor.


- Castor Oil-

Great for Skin Care and Hair Care! Applied to lash line, will help your lashes grown long and strong. Also apply to nasal passages if you feel you're getting sick! And of course, Edgar Cayce's famous Castor Oil packs! 

- Oil of Iron -

Associated with the Third Chakra center located in the Solar Plexus. Physically it is associated with digestion. 

- Oil of Lead -

Associated with the Root Chakra. This center connects us to the physical world and governs over our physical energies.  The Oil of Lead also physically stimulates and cleanses your spleen.

- Brain Octane Oil -

Brain Octane is naturally found in coconut oil in small quantities, and we concentrate it to provide you with the purest energy source possible. Brain Octane rapidly provides mental and physical energy, powering your day by supporting cognitive function and keeping you satisfied and free from food cravings. Add it to your daily routine, and experience the state of high performance. 

- Wooden Essential Oil Box -

A box to keep your essential oils safe from sunlight and a safe way to carry it around. 

- Andrea's 5 Seed Oil Blend -

Made of 5 Seed Oils - Pumpkin, Black Sesame, Flax Seed, Coriander, Sunflower Seeds. These oils together will promote kidney health, prostate, reduce inflmmationt prevent some acne and more!

- ProAlive Probiotic -

Increased Immune Response to viruses, bacterial & fungal infections. Live Beneficial Microbes for gut flora. Adaptogenic Stress Support

 - Wooden Essential Oil Carousel - 

Display all your essential oils in style, caddy designed to hold more than 30 essential oil bottles. 

- Oil of Tin -

Associated with the Sacral Chakra center. Connects relationships, basic emotional needs, and pleasures of all kinds. On a physical level this energy center controls the flow of fluids in the body.

- Oil of Silver -

The Oil of Silver is associated with the brow chakra. Physically, this center is associated with the Brain, but more specifically to the Pituitary Gland. 

- Frankincense Oil -

 It has the smooth, deep, and resinous aroma that is typical of frankincense, with a moderately strong terpenic top note and lovely pine heart notes. Frankincense oil is revered for its powerfully uplifting and clarifying effects for the body and mind.

- doTerra Balance Grounding Blend - 

Promotes tranquility while bringing harmony to the mind and body, and balance to the emotions. Promotes a whole body sense of relaxation and May help ease anxious feelings

- Large Palo Santo Sticks -

Cleanse and clear the air from negativity. Use them before meditation!

- doterra terrashield -

Outdoor repellent blend. Can be used safely by everyone in the family! 


These beautiful flower essences by Elizabeth Patric address our physical, mental, emotional, sexual, relationship, financial and spiritual challenges for our healing and transformation.


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