The Nature Nurture Deck
The Nature Nurture Deck
The Nature Nurture Deck

The Nature Nurture Deck

Bring awareness of our delicate nature filled creatures while nurturing the soul! 

Mission: The Nature Nurture Oracle is a divination deck featuring animals, nature, and archetypes that might soon be extinct if humanity continues consuming and abusing our resources, as well as forgetting where we come from.

So the cards have a dual purpose. While one might get a personal reading and benefit from the messages, the subjects painted in the cards will also be given some recognition and healing as well.

Suggested use: Quiet your mind and tap into the beauty and guidance of this intuitive gift by pulling a card and diving deep into your reading through the guidebook.



Artist and Author: Marcella Kroll

Includes: 45 cards plus accompanying guide booklet.

Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.5″

Ships: Within 3 business days