- qualia -

Natural focus. A premium nootropic designed to increase memory, focus, clarity, creativity, energy and emotional resilience. Think: All natural Adderral.

- Moon Juice Sampler Box -

This box contains Spirit, Beauty, Power, Brain, Dream & Edible Attraction Dusts! Add it to your drink to nourish. Made with superherbs and Super Mushrooms

- evening primrose oil -

Nourishing for women, helps to balance hormones. This is a potent product.

- Daminia Extract -

Heart-opening tincture. Add it to all your drinks, using the spirit as a delivery system for this magic herb.

- Restore Gut Health -

Strengthen the tight junctions in the gut wall, creating a beneficial shift in the gut bacteria! promotes gut health and functions! 

- 10 Mushroom Blend -

Natural Immunity Booster. May help the body adapt to stress and protect the body from pathogens.

- seaweed extract -

Powerful seaweed product that chelates toxicity from your body. Many use it to help post-radiation and also to assist in removing mercury and other heavy metals from the body.

- activated charcoal - 

Helps protects body from overdosing on harmful toxic substances. Activated charcoal captures unwanted materials and gas while safely carrying it through the digestive system.

- naturewise cla 1250 -

Use to maximize excercise results and reduce appetite.

- super - c plus -

No gluten, no sugar, vitamin c. Has nutrients, enzymes, helps supercharge your immunity, skin and health.

- vitamin b1 -

Gives you energy and helps repel mosquitos (for some) as your body secretes a unnoticeable scent that repels bugs.

- Dim-Plus -

DIM is another important factor in hormonal health. Made from cruciferous vegetables, it helps your body to detox ‘bad’ estrogens. Can also assist in helping PMS moods.

- cell food -

Vital trace minerals that are missing from our processed foods. Easy to take, just a couple drops in water. Great stuff!

- zeolite clay -

Awesome, gentle, powerful detoxifying agent. Good for everything for heavy metals to daily pollution.

- elysium -

Miracle stuff!!!!!! One in the morning, energy and clarity levels are noticeably different. Basis helps NAD levels, which will assist in your anti-aging process. Visit site for more information by clicking above.

- genesis gold -

The miracle cure for hormones, no matter your issue. Read up more on her site, she explains it all!

- sacred seven -

Effectively supports the hypothalamus which regulates hormones, detoxification, digestion and tons more!

- Everyday Advanced -

This is a medicinal CBD product ideal for countering normal everyday stress and supporting recovery from exercise

 - Bio x4 -

Probiotics nourish your GI tract with beneficial gut bacteria, promoting bowel regularity and supporting immune health, while combining with Caralluma Fimbriata to suppress cravings.

- berry - d - licious -

Muscle and bone health. Helps support immune health, circulatory and cellular health. Gummy has no gluten and has a raspberry flavor. This Vitamin D changed my levels when nothing else worked!

- oscillococcinum -

Works naturally with your body to Temporarily relieve and shorten flu-like symptoms.

- serrapeptase -

Helps support healthy sinuses and breakdown unwanted proteins in the stomach.

- chelated magnesium -

Healthy alternative for constipation. Also helps decrease stress and sleep soundly.

- thorne-3-carbinol -

Helps maintain healthy estrogen levels, helping your body to process toxic estrogen while balancing and replenishing healthy ones.

- Moisture Cream -

Made with effective traditional herbs for life's transitions. These herbs are grown in the pristine Baraboo Bluffs, hand picked and blended to bring you Nature's true healing potential. Align with the power of Nature!

- optimized curcumin -

Turmeric base, anti-inflammatory supplement!

- chelex -

Suggested to take after you eat anything from the sea to avoid long term mercury poisoning side effects.

- sepia 30c -

4 pellets of each under the tongue a few times a day. No water or food 15 mins before or after to help relieve PMS symptoms.

- Umcka -

A combination of elderberry and homeopathy. Suggested to take when you feel a cold coming on. 

- C60 in Olive Oil -

Miraculous results and anticancerous. Read up!

-Dream dust -

This WILL help you sleep. Helps alleviate effects of stress and tension. Friends with problems sleeping believe it can be even more effective than prescription medications!

- black seed oil -

Organic, cold-pressed and 100% pure, crafted to deliver powerful immune support. This super antioxidant is intended to help enhance the body’s natural defenses to keep your immune system strong, active and ready for anything. Research suggests that nigellone and thymoquinone, a key component of the oil, may help maximize healthy cell activity in the body.

- Herbal synergy -

Adaptogenic, superfood for your optimal adrenal health.


-Raspberry Leaf Tea -

Supports healthy menstruation, tones the uterus and may be used for menstrual cramps

- Pill Organizer -

Pretty Rainbow Pill Organizer for 7 days! 

- colonix - 

Simple and effective colon cleanse

- digest gold -

Take it with every meal to help your digestion process.

- L glutamine amino acid -

Take it for exercise recovery, support for immune function and heals the intestinal lining.

- N -acetyl-L-cysteine -

Detox and oxidative stress protection. Supports healthy liver and lung functions.

- Yeast Arrest -

A natural Homeopathic formula for yeast infections.

- gi repair nutrients -

Helps with stomach issues, digestion, heal and repair your intestinal lining.

- sepia 6c -

4 pellets of each under the tongue a few times a day. No water or food 15 mins before or after for helping relieve PMS Symptoms.

- Probiotic Suppositories -

Next level probiotics. Expensive, but unlike anything else on the market. Much of what you take orally won't ever reach your gut, but up the butt is effective! :)

 - Oxy- Powder -

Cleanses, flushes and detoxifies your colon while you sleep! Natural Flora in your intestines!

- adrenal dessicated - 

AD can help give energy and balance the adrenals overall. Be sure to chew it first and eat with food.


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