Trapped emotions are the root cause of many of our problems, both physical and emotional. Unresolved feelings create patterns of imbalance resulting in negative moods, habits, soreness, pains, discomfort and even disease. Here’s what I’ve learned about about the correlation between emotions and illness…





Something ‘bad’ happens and you feel an unpleasant emotion.  Should it go unprocessed, the energetic frequency of that emotion will find a weak spot in your body and lodge itself until you do. The pattern emits and attracts more of the same, and you will feel stuck in that emotion. 

Next, it will start physically affecting the surrounding tissue—breaks, sprains, infections, illnesses, headaches, exhaustion—these are warning signs and your body communicating its need for your attention. Finally, a disease might develop as its last and desperate, screaming attempt to be heard!

When emotions are processed real-time, pain and disease can be avoided. There are many ways to process: therapy, journaling, creativity, conversation, body movement, yoga, mantras, rebounding, BRT, to name a few (and subjects for future entries). Anything to get the emotion outside of your body. However, the most effective way that I’ve discovered is using Emotion Codes (see below).

Pharmaceuticals, while helpful to some cases, are deeply flawed. They create more side effects and mask symptoms, further burying the root cause and ultimately the key to your health. Natural remedies are wonderful, but they too are only a half of the truth.

We already have everything we need within us to heal. I truly believe that the fastest path to optimal health is energetic work. I am seeing a future when illnesses and even late stage diseases will be healed on the energetic planes—heading faster, deeper and more permanent results.

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BOOK: THE EMOTION CODE by Dr. Bradley Nelson


In reading this incredible book/tool, I learned Dr. Nelson’s simple process to locate and permanently remove trapped emotions from yourself and others. Using Applied Kinesiology, healing magnets, and his simple flow chart—you quickly locate, clear and uncover trapped emotions. IT WORKS! Boy DOES it work. I have been testing his method on myself and a handful of friends with truly miraculous results. Highly recommended!


Find the link to this and many other recommended books here.

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Magnets are a deceivingly powerful tool for healing. Placed on painful areas, the metal works to break up and dissolve energetic stagnancy. You can also move sluggish energy out of the body by way of The Governing Meridian-using a simple magnet. The Emotion Codes book (aforementioned) requires a magnet and this is the prettiest one I could find! What a wonderful tool! $19.99


Find the link to this and other suggested healing devices here





I can’t say enough good things about The Melt Method. My Chiroprator suggested them when I complained of pain in my forearms and hands from excessive typing and writing. Remember: What is pain and stagnant energy? Trapped emotions! I now use them nightly, rolling my hands and feet (using the included instruction book) and the knots dissolve and soreness melts away. Truly, the pain is gone! Don’t make the same mistake I did and buy the cheaper, knock-off version. Not at all the same! Each bag comes with two sets (sharing is caring). $49.99


Find the link to this and other suggested healing devices here



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Not only do we have the great pleasure of a Lunar eclipse this Friday, but we ALSO have 6 planets in retrograde!!! We are all, as a planet, undergoing something major. This is not just a shift, this is a rebirth. Hope you're prepared!






Yaelle is my healer and teacher. Two years ago, we uncovered and released countless trapped emotions, week after week. Our sessions were so transformational that I begged her to teach me the method. She is the real deal, a true healer. Here, I've asked her to further explain her unique process:

"Using MRT (Muscle Response Testing) a client is asked a series of yes and no questions to pinpoint area of concern. When the tested muscle goes weak, that indicates what will be worked on during that session. It could be a thought, feeling, emotion, incident or an actual person, item or substance.

Then using a technique of tapping and breathing, the targeted “weakened” muscle then reverses and when a “strong” muscle indicator shows the shift in the person’s body response. The session is concluded with acupuncture or acupressure. The person is advised to “see what shifts over the course of a few days or week.”

Sessions typically occur once a week but can be more or less frequent depending on the situation. I enjoy using this technique in my practice because over the course of the last 10 years, I have seen incredible results in terms of shifts in clients’ mind sets, specifically limiting beliefs, repressed or expressed emotions and blockages, and chronic mind/body/spirit dis-eases.


Find the link for Yaelle and many other suggested healers here.